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Still struggling with the same weakness!

I just wrote my Masters Thesis on “Virtual to real faith communities: A study among young Facebook users in Uromi Diocese, Nigeria.” Among other things, the research has given me a new love for Facebook and the Facebook team. I don’t intend to discuss that research now, don’t worry!


Since I begun that research two years ago, I occasionally now find myself on Mark Zuckerberg’s home page, reading loads and loads of interesting stuff. Moments ago, I stumbled on an idea of his, and decided to tell you about it.


Do you have an addition? Perhaps you’re constantly struggling with a particular weakness? The greatest step to take might be to form newer and better connections, with completely new friends. It’s called detoxification. The fact remains that being around the same old friends who perhaps led you to that addiction could engender a relapse.


Maybe you need to move away from former environments, cut off ties with dear friends or even family members who completely pull you down. Ultimately, you’d have to sever ties with whatever situations, persons, or objects that pull you back into the same situation of weakness.


Are you ready to detoxify?


God bless you!


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