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Ahead of the promotional rally and premiere of the movie IYEOBA , the Director of the movie Dr Henry Obidi and memebers of his production paid a sensitization visit to the Assistant General Manager ,Programmmes Division itv /Radio Dr Sunny Duke Okosun at his office in the communications village Iguosa-Oluku to intimate the veteran broadcaster and environmental consultant on plans for the promotional events .
Intimating the AGM Programmes Itv/radio, on the purpose of the visit , Dr Obidi said the visit is to solicit Dr Sunny Duke Okosun’s support for the promotional rally of the movie scheduled for Thursday 21st March 2024 at five Junction Benin City, Edo State. The veteran Filmmaker also disclosed that plans are in top gear for the premiere and official launch of the movie IYEOBA in partnership with Kada Cinemas and Entertainment Centre.

Dr Henry also told his guest of the forthcoming Heroes Award being organized by his organization scheduled for April 27th 2024 for which the AGM PROGRAMMES DIVISION ITV &RADIO has been nominated as one of the recipient along side Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki amongst others in recognition of their unwavering contributions to the development of humanity especially in the entertainment sector.
Dr Henry Obidi later presented a branded face cap and t-shirt with the movie title boldly embossed on it to the AGM PROGRAMMES DIVISION Dr Sunny Duke Okosun amidst cheers.
Responding,the AGM PROGRAMMES DIVISION ITV &RADIO Dr Sunny Duke Oksoun who expressed his sincere appreciation and admiration for the exceptional job done by the movie Director Dr Obidi and his team on the IYEOBA project described the ace director as an outstanding talent whose dedication and expertise has truly shone through, making a remarkable impact on the cinematic landscape.

Dr Okosun added that the vision, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail, which Dr Obidi and his team have explored to bring captivating stories to life, captivating audiences in ways that few directors can achieve, encapsulates the unique ability to craft narratives that are not only visually stunning but also deeply emotional and thought-provoking.
He commended the exceptional skills in managing the cast and crew which allowed for seamless collaboration and the creation of a cohesive artistic vision buoyed by an exceptional leadership spirit which fostered an environment of teamwork, creativity, and excellence, resulting in outstanding performances and a harmonious work atmosphere throughout the production process.

Dr Okosun who eulogised the Director of the movie IYEOBA for the extraordinary way he handled complex themes, characters, and storytelling techniques said from the poignant moments that tug at our heartstrings to the edge-of-the-seat suspense that keeps us enthralled, Dr Obidi’s directorial decisions consistently elevate the quality of his films as his ability to elicit authentic and powerful performances from actors is a testament to his exceptional talent maintaining that his dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new cinematic territories as reflected in IYEOBA is truly commendable because the
fearless embrace of innovative techniques, visual effects, and storytelling methods that captivates and inspire audiences is indicative of a bold choice to push the boundaries of imagination while maintaining a deep respect for the art of filmmaking.
The AGM Programmes Division while congratulating Dr Henry Obidi and his team for a job well done with the movie IYEOBA pledged to support them to ensure the movie meets all set objectives.


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