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As the 2022 world cup commences, the global spotlight will turn to Doha, from 20th November onwards. The FIFA MUNDIAL takes centre stage in the coming days and weeks, with the host country, Qatar taking on Ecuador. However, for the arriving fans from across the globe, there are several items and substances which are prohibited or banned in Qatar. Breach of the local laws and banned items could lead to serious consequences for fans including risking jail term. The list of items includes E-cigarettes, vapes, pork products, duty-free alcohols, religious books, narcotics drugs, pornographic materials, etc. However, fans will also be able to enjoy the build to the matches with bear available three hours before and an hour post-kickoff. Alcohol will also be available in hotels across Doha but would be highly expensive. Thousands of fans will be flying into Qatar during the world cup and every visitor must have the mandatory Hayya Card which is required to enter the host nation. It also gives access to all eight stadiums and can be used for free traveling on match days. Filming and photographing sensitive areas such as religious, military, or construction sites can lead to arrests and imprisonments. Laws of privacy are very strict in Qatar hence fans should be sensitive towards posting anything on social media which may be considered insulting or culturally inappropriate and can be considered a criminal offense under local law. Several other fan behaviors can lead to arrests including drinking outside the designated areas, betting, swearing, smoking, public displays of affection, etc.


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