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They say that tears is a sign of weakness. Well, I must be a weakling then. Even as a type these lines, the tears still flow from my eyes. Yes! The way I see it, tears may indeed be a sign of weakness, but for me, tears express an emotion so pure, weakness cannot compare.


I just saw a movie titled “Southpaw”. It’s about an accomplished, much decorated boxer, Billy “The Great” Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), who lost everything he had because he allowed his raging temper get the better of him. His anger did win him many battles, but it also led to his greatest loss – his family.


With his wife shot dead before his eyes; his little daughter taken from him and his boxing license revoked, he had nothing left to live for – not even his dignity. But hey! Don’t underestimate the strength in weakness.


Through the determination of another broken man (his new found coach), Hope (for that was his name) came back from the very brink of death. He stopped the drugs, got inspiration from his coach and the little kids with whom he practiced, and slowly but surely cleaned up his act. After six weeks of intense training and discipline, Hope was ready for a second shot at life.


And that last shot he got at a title? That was IT for me. I sat glued to the TV set, my heart racing, my eyes welling up with tears as I watched Hope deal blow after blow to his opponent. And just when he almost lost his temper again, his coach inspired us all. He said: “This is your fight Hope. Don’t let another man control you. God is watching you. Your wife is watching you. Your daughter is watching you. I am watching you. Don’t let us down!”


In that moment, I knew God reached down from that TV set and spoke to me. Yes! He asked me never to underestimate the power of HOPE!


Are you broken, struggling, hanging just by a thread? Put some more back into the action. Don’t give up on the fight. Find something that inspires you and keep punching at it. NEVER EVER  underestimate the power of HOPE!


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