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Former Chief Whip of the Senate, Distinguished Senator Rowland Owie, has expressed deep concern over the proposed appointment of a non-career personnel as the Commandant General of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) by President Bola Tinubu.

Reacting to reports that the appointment of an ‘outsider’ as Commandant-General was imminent, Senator Owie reiterated that the NSCDC was, among other things, established “for the defense of the civil population, care, protection, and maintenance of national assets”, and such “must be insulated from external political interference”.

Urging the government to reconsider the alleged moves, Owie emphasized that the NSCDC holds a vital role in safeguarding Nigeria’s internal security. In his view, “the NSCDC’s legacy, established through dedicated and sincere efforts, should not be jeopardized by overzealous politicians seeking to hijack the system. The appointment of an outsider to lead this specialized organization could undermine its core objectives and compromise the safety and security of our citizens and national resources.”

“The current administration should, consequently, endeavor to preserve the essence and purpose of the NSCDC by adhering to appointing from within the Corps, an Officer who understands the organization’s unique role and significance. Choosing a candidate who appreciates the core principles behind the NSCDC’s establishment will ensure the continued protection of our civil population and national assets”, Owie added.

It would be recalled that the establishment of the NSCDC is rooted in the visionary efforts of Senator Owie, who sponsored a Private Member Bill in the 4th National Assembly (1999-2003). The said legislation laid the foundation for the NSCDC, emphasizing its unique purpose in defending the civil population and ensuring the safety and security of the Nation’s assets and civil population.


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