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General Assembly of ERA/FoEN sacks Rev. Nnimmo Bassey


The General Assembly of the Environmental Rights Action /Friends of Earth Nigeria (ERA/FOEN), Community Forest Watch communities and its allies, affiliate coalition members after its meeting in Benin City, have sacked Rev.Nnimo Bassey as a trustee and Board Chairman.

The General Assembly took cognizance of the lingering crisis among the trustees and Management Team of ERA/FoEN prior to 2013 and onwards when Godwin Ojo took over from Nnimmo Bassey.

The main cause of the on0going crisis is the lack of trust and conflict of interest by Nnimmo Bassey’s leadership style, control and direct involvement in the day to day management of the organization that is the primary role of the current Executive Director.

He occupies the dual position as ERA/FoEN Executive Director and Chairman of the Board since in 1993 to 2013, and remained as Chair of the Board for over 27 years.

He combines these as the Executive Director of Health Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF), an organization which he established for the purpose of sabotaging the progress of Environmental Rights Development Foundation (also known as ERA/FoEN).

The conflict of interest has caused rivalry and entrenched a conflict that is inimical to the smooth running of the Environmental Rights Development Foundation (also known as ERA/FoEN).

Therefore, the General Assembly resolved as follows:
1. That Nnimmo Bassey has been removed as Trustee and “Chairman of the Board” and is hereby removed and every step of illegality taken by him to undermine the interest of the Environmental Rights Development Foundation (ERA/FoEN) is declared null and void.

2. That the ERA/FoEN Offices in Lagos and Abuja under the control of Nimmo Bassey be shut down with immediate effect until further directive from Dr. Godwin Uyi Ojo, THE Executive Director.

3. The General Assembly passed a vote of confidence on the Executive Director, Dr.Godwin Uyi Ojo as a leading environmental and human rights advocate, community and grassroots mobiliser, and urged him not to be detracted by anyone in the discharge of his duties. The General Assembly in this general meeting reaffirmed his position as Executive Director.

4. That going by the provisions of section 834(1) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020, the General assembly in this general meeting has vetted and approved the nomination and appointment of the following persons as trustees of Environmental Rights Development Foumdation: Chief Saint Emma Pii (Chairman), Godwin Uyi Ojo(Secretary), Mike Karikpo (Member) and Jennifer Ero (Member).

5. That Chima Williams who is parading himself as Acting Executive Director of ERA, be subjected to disciplinary actions within the ambit of the law.

6. That the public should take note that Chima Williams is not Executive Director of ERA and as such, one should transact business with him.



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