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Afolayan’s first flop?

Have you seen “The Bridge”? Well, don’t! Yes, you heard right. I love Kunle Afolayan. When his “Figurine” came out in 2009, it revolutionalised Nollywood forever. Very quickly, “October 1” followed. The reviews were also positive. It was clear that a lot of hard work went into the movie. Then out came the “CEO”, which was also a huge success (some felt it was overhyped, but I thought differently).


So “The Bridge” made it to the cinemas a few days ago (precisely December 8, 2017). Even though I seldom watch Nollywood movies (save for the newer ones that make it to cinema screens), I went off to see it. It was a disaster. It was supposed to be a story about two  young lovers’ fight against traditional beliefs inhibiting their coming together as man and wife.


Some thirty minutes into the movie, I still had no idea where it was taking us, or what impressions I was supposed to have gleaned. Chidinma Ekile (Stella) seemed lost most of the time. She was perhaps as overwhelmed by the story line as I was. It was her first major movie after all. Singing is quite different from acting.


Kunle Afolayan himself had no reason to be in the story. His appearances were inconsistent and unnecessary. Unfortunately, he could be seen directing even whilst acting. The hero, Demola Adedoyin (Dare) did his best to fit the role, but he was too boring and too removed from the passion of the story to impress anyone. Maybe that was because there was too little to be impressed about. We were repeatedly told the young couple were in love, but they couldn’t even convince themselves, not to talk about me.


Just when I thought we had seen it all, Afolayan suddenly introduced a twist that left a gaping vacuum in the plot that nothing could fill till the movie ended. The heroine died. Seriously? Then the hero himself died right after. That was it! I left the hall fuming. I didn’t wait to see the end credit. For me, there was nothing to be thankful for.


I would not even go into the lighting and sound, which for me was a little exaggerated. Neither will I want to mention the fact that the movie seemed to have alternated between two major scenes throughout. Who does that?


But we must give the man kudos for what he has done in the movie industry. This last production was in my opinion à major flaw. But don’t be discouraged. Do go see the movie. Who knows, you might not be as disappointed as I was.


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