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A piece of my mind!

It’s 2018. Yes! But most people  have remained the same. No doubt, many of us ran into churches in one desperate hypocritical move that has become second nature, so the new year can find us in God’s presence. We need to change.


Last year I did several posts admonishing us to be firm in our resolves. This year, we need to stand even firmer. Stand for what you know to be right and true. Frown at injustice, police brutality, jungle justice, corruption, exams malpractice, yahoo+, sexual promiscuity, tatafoism and the likes.


Do not be a party to evil gatherings, cults and sects. Say no to short cuts, for genuine success comes through hard work. And above all, do not flush your spirituality down the drain. Satan is not a joker, having no other job other than to see you fail.


However, be careful. Not all drivers on the highway are sane. I know it’s your body and you’re a strong proponent of gender equality. But do not deliberately dress provocatively to prove a point. Points can’t be proven to mad people. What is more? Asylums and prisons are out of space and legal institutions are like toothless bulldogs.


I know it’s a virtue to be trusting, but make sure you do a background check on anyone you intend to employ in whatever capacity. Love will develop faster when you know who you’re dealing with.


Don’t leave your kids too much with nannies, or package them off to boarding schools, for they prefer to be with their real parents. The time you’re currently saving at work, might eventually be used up when you find out too late that they’ve become irreparably damaged.


Expect the best from your government, and hold them accountable, but be creative and try to carve out an economic niche for yourself.


Finally, do whatever makes you happy, but remember that all actions have consequences.


God bless your new year ahead!






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