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MohBad: My daughter is a professional nurse, Mother cries out

Mother to the nurse who treated late MohBad has debunked circulating rumour that her daughter, Feyisayo Ogedengbe, killed the late singer.

She described her daughter as innocent while dispelling the notion that she is an unqualified or an auxiliary nurse.

She emphatically stated that her daughter is a professional nurse who received her education in nursing at a private hospital in Ogun and completed a one-year apprenticeship under her employer.

She stressed that her daughter has never committed any professional wrongdoing or posed a life-threatening risk in her career.

Feyisayo’s mother stressed that her daughter had no prior contact or interactions with the late singer.

She further explained that it was MohBad’s associate, known as “Spending,” who got in touch with her daughter on that fateful day to address Mohbad’s hand injury.

According to her account, Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi’s younger brother, personal assistant, and friend “Spending” were all present to supervise the injection administered to the late musician.The elderly widow firmly asserted that her daughter’s injection could not have been the cause of Mohbad’s death, saying she is a proficient professional in her field and has never made an error in her practice.Mrs. Ogendegbe then issued an appeal to Nigerians for assistance, expressing  outrage that her daughter has been implicated as a primary suspect in a murder case in which she is entirely innocent.

She disclosed that she had accompanied her daughter to the police station for the investigation into Mohbad’s death, with the assurance that her daughter would be released following an autopsy.

However, she acknowledged that the autopsy was taking longer than expected and her daughter has been in custody for 23 days.

She said: “Feyisayo Ogedengbe is my first child. She learnt nursing for three years in a private hospital and she worked for a  year with her boss without any issue. She isn’t troublesome at all.

“She doesn’t know Mohbad, It was Spending that called Feyisayo to treat Mohbad, she said his wife, friend and his sibling were there when he was being treated. The injections she gave Mohbad couldn’t have killed him. Feyisayo has never met mohbad before it was spending that referred him to her.”


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