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CSO alleges 15, 000 police personnel attached to ‘special Nigerians’, coys

As Nigeria continues to groan under security challenges, a non-profit making organisation, One Love Foundation, OLF, Tuesday, alleged 15, 000 police personnel are attached to some Nigerians referred to as ‘special Nigerians’ or Very Important Persons, VIPS, and corporate organisations.

Expressing concern over millions of Nigerians who are left to their fate and at the mercy of criminal elements, the Founder, OLF, Patriot Patrick Eholor, said the order to withdraw police personnel attached to some Nigerians by the former Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu, was not implemented until he left office.

Eholor said: “Sincerely, I doubt the feasibility of the order for the withdrawal of police officers attached to very important persons (VIPs), because complying with the order would be a serious challenge without reforming the Nigeria Police.

“The IGP’s directive is not new because we have been witnessing such directives by different IGPs ordering the withdrawal of policemen from VIPs and I don’t think it would be different because almost half of the nation’s Police Force is controlled by big men and companies. I heard about 15,000 of them or thereabout.”

Speaking on the 12-point agenda of the acting Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba, on how to transform and reposition the Nigerian Police Force amid security challenges affecting Nigerians and officers and men of the Force, he (Eholor) in his commendation of the 12-point agenda expressed doubt if they can be implemented.

“Nigerians whether in government, private or even individuals are very good at coming up with a very beautiful proposal.

“I saw the 12-point agenda and they were good. It is a Nigerian thing not to be able to implement a proposal or an agenda. I really wished it will work but with the type of system we have, it won’t be implemented”, he stated.

He also added that “Don’t forget the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua came with a very beautiful 7-point agenda; how many of them were actualized? Maybe you had to say Presidential Amnesty Programme for Niger Delta militants, but that was possible because they all saw that it was affecting their looting, hence, the need to give amnesty to Niger Delta militants.”

He also advised that “The new IGP should do his best and retire in peace. The body language of our leaders that does not support a sincere reform of the police and other security agencies probably because they are feeding fat from the challenges and deficiencies they are confronted with.”


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