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Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM) worldwide have taken note of a poorly written statement credited to a self-acclaimed PRO Ijaw group, Izon Ibe Dragnet, to the effect that they claim they are expressing anger over some issues relating to a court case between Ijaws and Benins over Gelegele(which they corrupted to Gelegelegbene).

Not only that they went as far as casting aspersions on the personalities of some highly respected legal luminaries of Benin extraction.

Let us sound it very loud and clear to the settler Ijaws that there is no town or community in Benin Kingdom called Gelegelegbene in Ovia North Local Government Area of Edo State(a local government area that Izon Ibe Dragnet should suggest to be created in may be Bayelsa State). For all we care the irritant Izon Ibe Dragnet may be talking of a community that is situated in Bayelsa State acclaimed as a homogenous Ijaw State.

The brains behind the pseudo Izon Ibe Dragnet should be called to order immediately before they foolishly drag their kinsmen into a dragnet of no return as far as the Gelegele issue is concerned.

Ijaws should let it be known that they are settlers in Benin Kingdom. That we, the Benins, are accommodating should not be misconstrued as a sign of weakness by these miscreants who hide under different aliases and groups to trigger crisis which will end up consuming them.

We are been stretched to the limit and it will be a matter of good judgment if they call themselves to order now before it is too late.

They should be informed that we are not contesting anything with them as regards their Gelegelegbene. Our area of interest lies within our territory, Gelegele in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State where we have over the years accommodated them as it is our nature to be good host.

The Izon Ibe Dragnet should be reasonable enough now to change their steps in this macabre dance that they have inadvertently forced themselves into.

A word is enough for the wise!


Elder Comrade Curtis Eghosa Ugbo,
President-Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM) worldwide.


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