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When we become blocks…

So far, I would say I have had a most challenging ministry (and I’m only just beginning). But my experience isn’t any different from that of many others who realise that as weak humans they have no other choice but to constantly lead others to God, who alone is strong and true, no matter how difficult it proves to be.


I have come to realise over and over again that we sometimes become stumbling blocks in the path of those who truly seek God with a genuine heart. And even when we realise that we have become the ‘God’ in the lives of others, we still hold on, refusing to let go. We begin to enjoy the fame and the glory that should be for God alone. But playing God has far reaching adverse effects. It’s a very unwise thing to do. Ask Herod!


Here’s the thing! No Bishop, Priest, General Overseer, or Pastor can take God’s place in the lives of those he/she leads. When we do this, we simply become obstacles in the way of others. In my part of the country, when we design roofs, we do so, conscious of the fact that apart from preventing the harsh elements from directly dealing with us, they also channel raindrops to our water wells for storage. Now imagine what would happen if rooftops held a meeting and decided to begin hoarding rain drops? There would be serious water shortages all over.


The point really is simple. At at times, the aim always is to remain an instrument. Instruments cannot be better and wiser than the ONE wielding them. I’m only able to type these words on my smartphone because the keyboard does exactly what I command it to do. If this keyboard were to begin arguing with me about my choice of words for instance, you’d never be able to read this, and even if you could, it wouldn’t make the sense I intend.


It doesn’t matter if we are called names (name tags have never been known to kill anyone). What matters is the willingness to act as POINTERS and not BUS STOPS. Souls should be won for God, and NEVER for ourselves. And when these souls fight us and reaffirm their desire to be with us rather than with God, we must renew efforts to persuade and convince them, knowing that we led them to believe so in the first place.


God help us all.


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